Burial of a commoner



Perusing the classified ads at the weekend, as I often do, I came across an advertisement for a burial plot. Two thousand pounds. 2k. £2000. However you look at it, however you write it down, for the ordinary person that is a heck of a lot of money when you consider that is just the plot. It does not include a coffin, all the fancy gubbins that go inside like lining etc. It does not include the funeral home which seems to be the default modern day name for an undertakers. Home, funny that. You stay there for a few days and you don’t even live there. Then the cars, or some kind of transport. The ridiculously slow funeral limousines to transport your family, seemingly just to make sure people stop and stare or feel awkward. Few lower their hats today, not enough people wear formal hats for that to happen.

The ensuing fuss and flurry around the reinterment of Richard III reminded me of the classified ad. Reminded me that for most of us the fuss will be that kind of clinging on by your grubby broken nails stuff wondering if you can afford to give your loved one a reasonably decent send off. How much will the organist charge for playing the organ, will you have cars or will it just be a taxi for the more distant relatives? Maybe you have saved up and will have, like I saw once in Woodgate, a black horse drawn cart followed not far behind with a coach full of mourners all dressed in black. Will your budget limit you to three letters spelling out BRO or MAM or will you afford the whole name?

We won’t have film cameras, helicopters circling overhead, soundbites from local dignitaries. Instead we shall have people talking in hushed tones Les Dawson style, and readers of the announcements in the Mercury will read our names and wonder if they knew us. Curtains may twitch but the streets will not be lined with crowds of onlookers.

The reinterment of Richard III has made me consider the deaths of ordinary people. Nobody on the reinternment day will be stricken with grief, nobody will be heartbroken. There will be no-one there whose family is shattered to pieces or whose life will have been changed beyond recognition.


BBC 6 music band T shirt Day



Today is BBC6 Music’s ‘Wear your band shirt to work’ day. Much more fun than black Friday, which shouldn’t even be a thing in the UK.. Anyway, back to the shirt. This is a Cure in concert shirt from 1985, so I would have been 14 when I bought it. I really wanted to go to the concert but I was not allowed to go, same as a year after that I think when I wanted to go to Glastonbury, could have got a lift, but same story, not allowed to go. So I didn’t ‘go there do that’ but I DID get the t-shirt. Wearing it today I feel some kind of connection with the teenage me.

Great thing being freelance is that you have not usually got to worry about dress codes, and this is one of my favourite places to sit and work. They are new reading glasses, I don’t have to wear them all the time. When I got the Cure t-shirt I had fairly recently had to start wearing glasses.

I feel lucky that Leicester still has a pretty vibrant live music scene, although several venues I used to frequent are now patches of rubble, or built over with student flats, converted into something else. But still there are plenty of concerts. And I was so very happy and proud when my own teenagers wanted to go to a gig and I could say yes, the same for festivals. My 14 year old already has several band and festival shirts. Long may it continue.

Fun blogging challenge – 12 Days of Christmas


Ok I know the 12 days of Christmas start on the 25th December, but my blogging challenge starts on the 1st. I participated in a daily challenge before and enjoyed the motivation. This time, using the lines of the song the Twelve Days of Christmas as a starting point, publish a post each day and add your blog to the linky. See you there on the 1st December!





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After School Chefs


The children have been back at school for a couple of weeks now, and our routine has had to change from the laid back days of the summer holidays. I have noticed that the children are ravenously hungry when they return home, so I have started to get them snacks ready for as soon as they get home. Something quick and just about instant like carrot sticks with something to dip in, fresh fruit, that kind of thing. Not long after the snacks have been devoured, you can guarantee they will still be hungry, and during the #Afterschoolchefs challenge I was reminded how useful it is to have a few boxes of fish fingers stashed away in the freezer!

We enjoyed the childhood favourite, the fish finger sandwich. I was pleasantly surprised at the nutritional information, of particular importance to me is that fish fingers are low in sugars, which seem to be hidden in so much these days!

One of my fondest memories of fish fingers was one year when it snowed so much that we were snowed in, and we made an igloo. We went to the village shop and bought fish fingers and put them in a little fridge compartment that we had made in the igloo. It was so cold that they kept there until lunchtime and we had fish finger sandwiches. I think most people have an opinion about whether you use plain or buttered bread, do you grill or fry, do you use any sauce? For me and my little after school chefs it has to be buttered bread, grilled fish fingers and no sauce, thank you!

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Review of the Noom app


Last week I participated in the Noom challenge. I have already written about it https://saraheatonwriter.wordpress.com/2014/09/09/noom-challenge/

Now I will take a look back at last week and how it has already changed my habits. I had a couple of false starts with Noom before, used it a few days then fizzled out. Noom has introduced new features on Noom pro like the group feature, where you can be part of a group and share ideas and motivate one another. That really worked. I found it only took a couple of days for me to feel like logging meals, exercise and so on was not really that much of a drag. Noom gives you relevant articles to read every day, or little challenges like eat more vegetables. As I said before I don’t really feel like weight loss is a major thing for me, and definitely not something I want to be obsessed about. For this reason weighing is only once a week with Noom, and it is only one feature among many many others. There are even recipes!

In our busy lives I would say that Noom is an ideal assistant in maintaining a healthy lifestyle, and I will continue to use it.