Leicester skyride


Another enjoyable and busy skyride in Leicester. The sun shone, for a while at least. Being Leicester there was some man ranting in the city centre about cyclists, clearly oblivious to the day’s event or that the subject of his rant was in any case one of the several ‘shared spaces’ in Leicester. The shared spaces probably surprise a lot of people. Until a few weeks ago I didn’t realise Gallowtree gate or High Cross Street were so called shared spaces, and have had to dodge cyclists several times as well as seeing responsible cyclists nevertheless get verbally abused by pedestrians unaware of the shared nature of certain areas in the city centre.
Cycle paths in Leicester are patchy at best and I do not think that the shared spaces help either cyclists or pedestrians.
Sky Ride for me says little about cycling in Leicester but dazzles people for a while so they can’t focus on the realities.
Photo accompaniment to be added shortly.