Today’s events in Leicester


A queue formed. people huddled together rubbing their hands to keep warm. All eager in anticipation of what was to come. They were queuing round the block. Some, weary, rested on walls or sat on the kerbside, found a pillar to lean on. They waited and waited patiently.

This was reminiscent of the last time there was a royal event in Leicester. On the day Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II visited, here they were, then in the sunshine in contrast to today’s grey drizzle. The good weather had bought more people out, and the walk there had been made more pleasant by the freshly painted boards around the railway station that was then being refurbished, and the eerily quiet roads which had been closed for security, and Her Majesty’s safe and swift passage through the city.

The people waited ever patient, then the time came, some of them checking on watches or mobile phones. someone came towards the door, shutters went up. There was a jangle of keys. People bid one another a good morning and then they were asked if they had the letter which would allow their access to the building.

There is a moving and important event every Thursday, don’t think we save this sort of stuff for special occasions. The people on these days were queuing for a clothing bank run by a charity just outside the city centre.



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