Quick…visitors! Tidy up time in Leicester.



Last week I saw a man with what appeared to be a toothbrush, scraping moss out from the grooves between the paving on Charles Street. For a moment I thought how odd this was, but recalling the paving being pressure washed for a visit from the queen a while back, now soon there will be a long dead king passing through, and the inevitable media flurry around the event. Like when you’re expecting judgemental visitors so you clean the main rooms and shove all the clutter in a cupboard.
This has been a good thing for Leicester, I’ve head of potholes being filled in, seen little patches of rough land cleared and litter filled shrubs pruned and shredded to oblivion.
I’m sure we’ll go back to shoving our clutter under the metaphorical sofa after the cameras have gone.
If you are watching the proceedings on TV or visiting for the first time, consider that all may be not quite as it seems.


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