BBC 6 music band T shirt Day



Today is BBC6 Music’s ‘Wear your band shirt to work’ day. Much more fun than black Friday, which shouldn’t even be a thing in the UK.. Anyway, back to the shirt. This is a Cure in concert shirt from 1985, so I would have been 14 when I bought it. I really wanted to go to the concert but I was not allowed to go, same as a year after that I think when I wanted to go to Glastonbury, could have got a lift, but same story, not allowed to go. So I didn’t ‘go there do that’ but I DID get the t-shirt. Wearing it today I feel some kind of connection with the teenage me.

Great thing being freelance is that you have not usually got to worry about dress codes, and this is one of my favourite places to sit and work. They are new reading glasses, I don’t have to wear them all the time. When I got the Cure t-shirt I had fairly recently had to start wearing glasses.

I feel lucky that Leicester still has a pretty vibrant live music scene, although several venues I used to frequent are now patches of rubble, or built over with student flats, converted into something else. But still there are plenty of concerts. And I was so very happy and proud when my own teenagers wanted to go to a gig and I could say yes, the same for festivals. My 14 year old already has several band and festival shirts. Long may it continue.


Fun blogging challenge – 12 Days of Christmas


Ok I know the 12 days of Christmas start on the 25th December, but my blogging challenge starts on the 1st. I participated in a daily challenge before and enjoyed the motivation. This time, using the lines of the song the Twelve Days of Christmas as a starting point, publish a post each day and add your blog to the linky. See you there on the 1st December!





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