After School Chefs


The children have been back at school for a couple of weeks now, and our routine has had to change from the laid back days of the summer holidays. I have noticed that the children are ravenously hungry when they return home, so I have started to get them snacks ready for as soon as they get home. Something quick and just about instant like carrot sticks with something to dip in, fresh fruit, that kind of thing. Not long after the snacks have been devoured, you can guarantee they will still be hungry, and during the #Afterschoolchefs challenge I was reminded how useful it is to have a few boxes of fish fingers stashed away in the freezer!

We enjoyed the childhood favourite, the fish finger sandwich. I was pleasantly surprised at the nutritional information, of particular importance to me is that fish fingers are low in sugars, which seem to be hidden in so much these days!

One of my fondest memories of fish fingers was one year when it snowed so much that we were snowed in, and we made an igloo. We went to the village shop and bought fish fingers and put them in a little fridge compartment that we had made in the igloo. It was so cold that they kept there until lunchtime and we had fish finger sandwiches. I think most people have an opinion about whether you use plain or buttered bread, do you grill or fry, do you use any sauce? For me and my little after school chefs it has to be buttered bread, grilled fish fingers and no sauce, thank you!

This post is an entry for #Afterschoolchefs Challenge, sponsored by Birds Eye. Learn more on the Birds Eye Facebook Page.


2 thoughts on “After School Chefs

  1. Ruth

    I’m with you on the buttered bread and grilling, but I like a bit of tartare sauce in there to posh things up a bit! Good luck with the #Afterschoolchefs Challenge!

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