Review of the Noom app


Last week I participated in the Noom challenge. I have already written about it

Now I will take a look back at last week and how it has already changed my habits. I had a couple of false starts with Noom before, used it a few days then fizzled out. Noom has introduced new features on Noom pro like the group feature, where you can be part of a group and share ideas and motivate one another. That really worked. I found it only took a couple of days for me to feel like logging meals, exercise and so on was not really that much of a drag. Noom gives you relevant articles to read every day, or little challenges like eat more vegetables. As I said before I don’t really feel like weight loss is a major thing for me, and definitely not something I want to be obsessed about. For this reason weighing is only once a week with Noom, and it is only one feature among many many others. There are even recipes!

In our busy lives I would say that Noom is an ideal assistant in maintaining a healthy lifestyle, and I will continue to use it.


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