Noom challenge



Woah! That’s better, resized the image. Anyway, hello. This week I am doing the #noom challenge, using the Noom app for a week and reporting back on how I get on.

I found out about #noom at the #britmums conference in the summer. One of the first people I spoke to was the very lovely Sarah from #noom and we spoke about all manner of things not just the app. I agreed I would give it a go. Noom is a tracking app to encourage healthy lifestyles. Not necessarily a ‘weightloss’ app, it does a lot more than that.

Above I have bravely posted a screenshot of the noom app page which gives you the log of what you have entered. There’s the waist measurement, let’s get that out of the way first. Being a woman it fluctuates, but if waist size bothers you, you can track that. Above that is the weight log, now I have not updated that this week but I know it is less than 149. I just put 136 because that is what I was just over a year ago, but with stopping breastfeeding and having a partner who is an amazing chef, my body has just changed a bit. For me it’s not about numbers, I have a heap of jeans I want to get back in to! Thing to remember with this is don’t weigh too often, once a week, on the SAME scales. It has above that a record of workouts and exercise. Again I have not logged any, feeling all dizzy and exhausted yesterday I thought it wise not to do anything strenuous. Usually I go to spin class two or three times a week, dance once a week and walk 4 miles a day doing the school run. That will be replaced soon by riding my bicycle with my little ones in a trailer. Excited!

At the top of the log page is a meal log. Once you have logged a few meals it is really easy, as it is easy any way, because any item you have had before comes up in a list, so you can just tap it in and it’s done. As I said this is a healthy lifestyle app, handy for busy mums like me. My son joked that my phone was telling me to have a snack, but as you will know if you have young children, it is all too easy to forget things like eating regularly.

Noom also has a pedometer which I really must set up to a higher goal, as the app has set it at 6800 steps, which for me is usually completed somewhere around midday! Having said that it is good to have a little pat on the back for completing something.

The coach page has tasks for you to complete throughout the day, like logging meals and logging workouts, even little hints like sleep more, I like that one!


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