Day 17, a day in the life of me


Woken up at 7am or thereabouts, either by my little human alarm clocks, my own alarm when it is a school day, or my partner’s alarm if he isn’t working away.

I shower if I have not been organised and got myself showered the night before. Then during school time usually try to wake up my 13 year old as no matter what kind of alarm he sets they all don’t seem to work. Funny that.

Youngest two downstairs, make strong filter coffee, make their breakfast. Their clothes I always get ready the night before whether it is a school day or not. I pour one coffee for myself and one for my partner into a travel mug if he is at home, or put the spare coffee into a flask for when I get home, my prize for surviving the school run. I don’t usually eat much as I am not very hungry in the mornings, but I am trying to follow a plan of not eating carbs through the week, apart from Saturdays, so some cheese or eggs or a smoothie if I have time. To get to school it is a half hour walk or hopefully when I get my trailer fixed or pass my driving test, a much quicker bike ride or car ride to school.

By the time my round trip is done I check my emails whilst I have my coffee, and deal with any phone calls or paperwork I have to do. If I have any one off writing jobs to do I tend to do those in the daytime, and also look at a freelance website for jobs, and check my emails for other job offers that land in my inbox. I fit in very short bursts of household tasks because I freely admit I do not like or enjoy housework, so I always try not to go up and downstairs empty handed, and at least try to keep the kitchen sink clear of dirty dishes. My oldest son is home educated, he is autonomous which means he decides what he wants to do, but if that involves doing something with me then I am usually ‘always interruptible.’ We do things like go for walks, visit the local area, go to galleries or the market, cook.

I joined a gym earlier in the year, so at least a couple of days a week I go to a class at the gym or just to work out, then one night a week I have a babysitter for the younger children because I also go to Modern Jive classes. School finishes at 3 so I will be there, possibly leaving a bit early to either browse in the local shops or grab a sneaky coffee on my way. By the time we are home it is time to cook tea, eat together then play for a while before the younger children’s bath time, then after that reading or doing puzzles, sometimes watch a film before bed if it isn’t a school night. When they are asleep I get clothes ready for the next day, do a bit more work and delete a bunch of emails! If my partner is working away I Skype him after he has finished his shift, which usually isn’t until after 11pm.

Weekend days are quite different, the youngest two stay with their dad Friday night so I often use that opportunity to go dancing or to a spin class, then Saturday morning there is a 45 minute spin class (yes I am spin obsessed), and I often meet a friend for coffee on Saturdays too. If my older children want to do anything together it usually has to be Friday evening or Saturday in the daytime. We like eating out together or watching films either at home or the cinema, and Friday is often takeaway night.

I am very busy all the time but I am happy.



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