Day 16, What would I do if I won the lottery


This is a question most of us may have pondered at one time or another.

Firstly, I rarely do the lottery, so my chances of winning it are pretty low. I go through phases of thinking that I feel lucky, or once I saw a really beautiful house, and I did the lottery ‘just in case’.

It depends how much I won, but I wonder if everyone who says they would give a large portion of it to charity really honestly would. My house would be renovated top to bottom whilst I went on holiday with my family. It’s hard to say what I would do other than it would enable me to do what I want when I wanted to. We’d have better cars than we do, my partner would not have to work long hours, I daresay all my children (not just the one) would be home educated to enable travel at any time. I’d visit all the places on my ‘wander list’ (see day 15’s post).

I’d pay for my Mum to have a live in carer, and probably help a local charity that does a lot for the community especially for extremely disadvantaged people.


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