Day 15, top of my wander list


I have visited several places I always wanted to see, Italy, France, including living just outside Paris for a year. I’ve been to India, Poland before it was part of the EU and they hadn’t got the hang of being a free economy. I have also been to New York. I would return to all these places if I could. Places like Spain and Ibiza, which may not seem very exotic to the mainstream, are very enticing when every holiday for the first 13 years of your life was in the same caravan site at the same seaside resort, Felixstowe. I hasten to add I love Felixstowe and that is up there on my wander list with all the other places.

Places for the future include the Himalayas, I really want to go, and I’d rather do it sooner than later, I know I need to get myself fit for that one. Japan, my older boys really want to go there, one has plans to save up and spend a month there when he is 18. Go for it son!

I want to go to China, India again but this time Goa and Kerala. Much of my reasoning for this is food. I know that I want to go to America but that is as much as I know. Probably a result of watching so many films. Maybe a road trip something like that, or train journeys. When I was 19 I printed off a timetable for trains to Russia, whilst in an Italian train station, just out of interest to see how long the journey would take, how much it would cost. I fancy that, the trans-Siberian express is an absolute MUST for me.

As a child I sent off for holiday brochures advertised in the Sunday newspapers. I need to start doing that again, never stop dreaming!IMAG0610

This is San Miguel in Ibiza, out of season. If I had to do the ‘same holiday every year’ thing I would have no problem going here!


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