Day 14, why I blog


I heard about blogging YEARS ago, I mean I know it is hard to imagine, but there was a time when blogging was a new thing. Same with ‘micro-blogging’ aka Twitter, I was at a conference in 2007 when someone said that Twitter would be the next big thing. People were sceptical.

A few months ago I found a blog I had apparently started a long time ago but had no recollection of! I also had a blog via blogger, which was a photo only blog. I set that up because my phone at the time asked me if I wanted to blog my photos, so I said yes but now the blog is nowhere to be found. I then started another blog on BlogHer which is here… kind of flurries of activity here and there, looking at it I think I used it to deal with stress, work through problems, but hopefully someone somewhere will read what I write and it will strike a chord, maybe be helpful to someone. A couple of posts on there are still really important to me, especially the ones about miscarriage, my son’s ADHD and the one where I reveal I was expecting baby number 5. But the BlogHer blog fizzled out, and I don’t really know why.

Then I started Mum In Fashion because I wanted to try and write about something just for me and not about family life or related issues… I really quite like it but am deciding whether to put more effort into a separate blog or just put a fashion page in this blog instead.

Odd facts, although I felt somewhat awkward about writing product reviews, my blog post about toothpaste on Mum In Fashion and my post about Kellogg’s cereal on here have been really popular, and it helps lead people to the other stuff too. I have got over my awkwardness now and will write about any product or service so long as I genuinely believe in it. I think that insincerity shows through in reviews pretty easily.

I am really enjoying this blogging challenge because often I fell into the trap of thinking I had to have a reason to blog, like when I started the BlogHer blog. I realise through this challenge that the reason I have is blogging itself, exercise that blogging muscle every day and it gets easier, AND more enjoyable, as it should be!


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