Day 11, 5 of my favourite films


Like the music list, it is not really possible to settle on a ‘top 5 films’ so I will pick five from amongst the best.

1. The Sound Of Music. I watched and watched this as a child. We only had a black and white tv so I was shocked the first time I saw it in colour. I wanted to be a guitar playing, singing nun who danced on top of mountains. Watching this film is how I saw in the new year once with my friend Ginny when we were 18.

2. Natural Born Killers. Unusual choice you may think, but I love the music, leading characters that are pretty good to look at, cinematic effects creating dreamlike sequences. I saw this film at the cinema twice in the same weekend. A satire on how the media circus glorifies the bad guys and raises them to celebrity status.

3. Brief Encounter. Oh how different things were in the past. The tension that builds up just because a woman has a friendship with a man. And the scenery, the trains, the train stations. And her hat. First time I owned and watched this film on DVD I must have worn a hat for a week. Train stations are often a teensy bit manky nowadays but the echoes of such encounters are still there.

4. Amélie, or Le Curieux Destin D’Amélie Poulain as it is called in French. She lives in Paris, she collects discarded or lost photo booth photos FROM A TRAIN STATION 😀 The Gare Du Nord. I have been there and rammed my family into the Gare Du Nord photo booth. She looks darned perfect but for some reason not annoyingly so, and so many funny little quirky incidents and coincidences happen. Love it.

5. The Silence of the Lambs. Anthony Hopkins is wonderful, his voice is amazing. I would listen to him read a phone directory. Jodie Foster is the clever working class girl done good. He is a very clever man but also a very bad man, after all to be REALLY bad you have to be REALLY clever. I first saw this in some little flea pit of a cinema in Paris, running for the last train home, and am ever frustrated since, at the numerous times I have watched the film, that a few things were changed or edited out completely.


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