Day 9, 15 things that make me happy


These are not in any order of preference, the brief was not to include the obvious like children (but they do make me happy) and amazing partners ( I have one of those too)…

1. Music. See post from day 7

2. Food. From fish and chips to fine dining, really nice food makes me happy.

3. Dancing. I love dancing Modern Jive.

4. Musicals. On tv or cinema, even better watching them on stage.

5. Getting my outfit ‘just right’.

6. Decent wine.

7. Good coffee, filter coffee, no instant thank you very much. Yummy.

8. Chocolate, expensive stuff that I feel I should savour or even just chocolate buttons. I can’t imagine life without chocolate. And since three days ago I discovered I can make amazing truffles 😀

9. Spin classes at the gym, I get a real buzz from it.

10. Cooking. I enjoy cooking for my family, and especially baking. However, I am ever in the pursuit of desserts that nobody else in the family will eat.

11. Fabulous charity shop finds.

12. Rainbows. I always run outside when it seems like there are the right conditions for a rainbow, and I am very happy when I see one.

13. Travelling on trains.

14. Comedy shows, on radio, tv and live.

15. Where I live makes me happy.


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