August blog challenge day 4, where would I like to be in ten years time.


It is inevitable my life will be quite different to how it is now. In ten years time my youngest will be almost 14. The four older children should, in theory, be old enough to look after themselves.
I will be writing more because by then I will not have insomniac small children resulting in my average 6 hours’ sleep! But I will no doubt miss the years when they are small enough to want to sleep beside me.
I want to have paid off my mortgage, I hope by then I have travelled more with my family. I will go skiing again, go to Ibiza again. I will have written the novel I keep promising myself.
I will still be with my partner. Yes it was a long wait until my 40s to finally meet my soul mate, but it’s been worth it. I am looking forward to spending time together in the future.
I hope that, as with the previous ten years, there are plenty of things that I will achieve that I can look back on and think ‘wow I did THAT’.


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