August blog post a day challenge day 2, 20 facts about myself.


1. I lost my last milk tooth when I was 21.

2. I had a stroke aged 31, it was in my cerebellum. Here’s a hint, asking someone if they have ‘fully recovered’ from a stroke is a bit like asking a diabetic if they are a bit less diabetic.

3. I have been on tv, modelling on Jeans for Genes day on a show presented by Melinda Messenger.

4. I have stood in local council elections twice. I did not win, twice.

5. My dad was 55 when I was born. As far as I was concerned everyone ELSE was unusual!

6. I love musicals, but they make me cry.

7. I am scared of spiders.

8. I have 5 children.

9. I got the same grade in a level Art as Damien Hirst.

10. From my late teens to my early twenties I was a vegan, but now will eat most things.

11. My house had been empty 5 years when I bought it.

12. I like shoes but have finally conceded that I have too many and am slowly selling them off on ebay.

13. I only drink proper coffee.

14. I LOVE chocolate.

15. I have a large tattoo on my back of a Phoenix.

16. I adore train journeys.

17. And following on from that I once travelled by train from Leicester to Florence and slept in Florence station because I wasn’t leaving any station at 3am.

18. I like to cook.

19. I dance Modern Jive.

20. I have spoken at the Royal Institution in London.


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