Britmums Live 2014


This morning I got three children off to school, sorted out the dishes, children’s clothes were packed for the weekend, my case and laptop were ready. I felt a slight nervous excitement at bringing this all together but at the same time I knew in the back of my mind I could do it, my partner keeps telling me ‘you can do this’ when I hit the often times frequent periods of self doubt. Last night I painted my nails, very bright multi colours. Not because I am particularly worried about these kinds of things, but so that it may possibly be a starting point for conversation in a place I was going where I would know nobody.

Last month I spoke at a conference at the Royal Institution, and I already knew even before that that something was missing from my seemingly already full life. I write a regular column, I blog not as much as I think I should, but I enjoy it. On the way to the conference I realised that I NEEDED to go on trains to big cities, preferably London. Yes this sounds trivial but you know what I don’t care. Everything in my life matters, I have scant time for trivia. Reading the book E squared about cosmic ordering things, from my cynical point of view, (surely that stuff doesn’t work?) I decided to ask the universe for more train trips to London. On the train, as a friend put it, I could ‘drink coffee with an air of self importance’. I asked, the opportunity has arisen twice in two months. Long may this continue!

So this is my little goal for the next year. I realised that if you don’t promise yourself to do things, they more often than not don’t happen. So a couple of years ago I decided to start telling people I was a writer, got business cards for myself that said ‘writer, blogger, journalist’ on them, and it became a self fulfilling prophecy. I got offered regular work off the back of my twitter stream, you can try to work out why at

I am sitting right now in an amazing venue in London at the Britmums Live conference, having been showered with goodies by companies, had interesting conversations which proved to myself that I do know what I am talking about (unless it is to my teenagers, teenagers know EVERYTHING), plenty of opportunities to be had and connections to be made.

I am already looking at opportunities for train journeys next month!


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