Kidcrafters May 11th 2014


This is where I was last weekend. Awesome event, still can’t quite believe it. I stumbled upon a really intriguing job advert on After a couple of weeks helping out with Social Media for the event, I somehow ended up giving a presentation! This was in the Royal Institution in London, in the Faraday Lecture Theatre. What an amazing day speaking alongside and listening to education experts and parents. I have a list of great ideas to follow up after the event, many positive connections made.
My presentation is about 1 hour 5 minutes into this video, and is about my personal experience of home educating in our family.


Morrisons mum!


This post is part of the Morrisons mum blogging challenge sponsored by brit mums and Morrisons.

Last week’s shop was at Morrisons and it got off to a great start as we found plenty of trolleys with seats.


They loved this and so did I. No chasing after children in the store!
We had bank holiday weekend, a birthday and Sunday dinner to shop for, as well as general groceries. We needed birthday snacks and some gluten free things for a friend, there was plenty of choice.
Fresh produce all looked good and we took advantage of the offer on..


Bargain! Plenty of fruit and veg.
After a hectic weekend Sunday dinner ended up being a couple of days late, but the chicken was still good, plenty of time on the use by date. Herby roast chicken, pasta, pesto, carrots and spinach probably about £1.50 a head.
Oh yes mustn’t forget the gluten free waffles I made for a birthday breakfast.


It’s safe to say we enjoyed shopping in Morrisons and it was good value and quality.