Phone free zone


Technical hitches with a phone that won’t display anything, accompanied by intermittent internet connection, brings it home just how reliant I am on technology. I blog from my phone at times, use it for email, social media, research. A job came to me via twitter, that is a good thing isn’t it? I manage my work online. The screen, that most vital part of the phone, is not covered by the warranty. The phone was still working, (besides the screen of course) when I sent it off, like a defiant teenager sticking two fingers up at me. I could not switch it off, and my parcel started ringing whilst I was in the post office.
I know I had several notes on my phone reminding me of ideas for writing, topics I should explore, an idea for a crime story. Completing a survey once, to find out my ping quotient, I scored so well it’s a wonder I didn’t find social media updates telling me what I was doing before I did it.
Pondering this further I wonder about the negatives, I feel uneasy about requests from strangers on Skype, or things like foursquare which I LOVE but at the same time some people follow just a bit too closely for comfort. Not having my phone means no late night impulse shopping, no falling asleep mid text message or setting off on a long train of thought style research of articles online.
I’m resorting to old fashioned paper in the form of a ring bound notebook, for thoughts, ideas, reminders to myself. I keep forgetting to take it out with me.


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